August 2020 Release Update


  • Improved course management with better handling of non-weekly courses. The course dates can now be specified independently for courses that do not repeats weekly.
  • A default value for the number of course practice hours is now calculated automatically from the number of days and the per day duration.
  • Possible missing course bookings calculation model improved and the reports moved under "reports".
  • Added a new tag for courses, "showup". When used, the event/training will only be shown for information purposes only but it will not allow actual enrollments. This is used for trainings or events for which users can just "showup" and pay on the spot, for example puppy play sessions.
  • Made it possible to directly create multiple individual courses using the tag 'single' at course creation. 
  • Added functionality to "hide" courses from the public course calendar and per weekday list of course by adding the tag "nocal" to a course.
  • Added functionality to "hide" courses from the lists such the ones in the categories, trainers bio, free places, etc. by adding the tag "nolist" to a course.
  • Course category cloning is now extended to copy also resources and trainers, functionality missing until now


  • A webshop module is now available directly in doggso! Enable the functionality via the Admin→Settings→Webshop exists (Ylläpito→Asetukset→Verkkokauppa olemassa).


  • A general mode is now available for forms. Forms can be created not only as a feeback form but also as a free input form to collect information from users.


  • Paytrail payment gateway is available now in doggso


  • Discount codes are now usage also for bookings. One primary usecase is "season passes" for training area bookings. The users can now be provided with a code and make reservations with 100% during the validity of the pass.
  • Codes can be send by email to individual users or to groups directly from the interface.


  • Allowed trainers with extended rights to enroll users to their courses.
  • Allowed managers to mark varaukset as paid.
  • Fixed edit bio functionality to allow all staff, not only trainers.
  • Added csv as import format for bank statements.
  • Payment report can be now downloaded as XSLX.


  • Fixed Facebook cannonical URL for schools.
  • Added configurable Facebook image for the "/categories" URL.
  • Modified error text for failed registration due to existing email.
  • Added "custom_css" capability in school configuration.
  • Reservations calendar points now directly to the first available time slot.
  • Added doggso branded account login text.
  • Simplified pages status handling, removed 'hidden' status and added trash can for pages.
  • Extended mailing list group selection with users created in the past 2 months.