March 2021 Release Update


  • Purchase, creation and use of season passes for bookings requires now zero effort from school admin. The automation is build on doggso's web shop and the functionality to generate "codes".
  • Users can buy a season pass in the web shop. Upon payment (or without payment confirmation if so desired),  the user gets an email with the automatically generated code. The pass activates automatically on first use and the validity period starts on the day of the first booking.
  • The admin can define additional properties for the season pass products, such as maximum number of upcoming bookings, maximum bookings length, the season pass start date - for fixed-time passes such as "Summer pass", etc.


  • Admins can now better enforce payment terms. For example if the school's payment terms require users to pay a course enrollment within one day from the enrollment, the admins can configure the automatic cancellation of unpaid enrollments if the payment is not done. The users get first a warning email that within 24 hours their enrollment will get canceled unless is paid.
  • Admins can also independently mark enrollments to be exempted from this policy, for example in the cases when the user is trusted and is allowed to do a bank payment that would be processed slower than the payment terms require.


  • Display of course categories has a new visual mode, the "embedded" subcategories. It is similar as the "listing" subcategories but with an improved design to accommodate smaller sections.
  • Selection of time slots for services is now improved and time slots are easier to find and select in a grid and tabbed view, instead of a calendar view. This is much more user friendly  in the cases in which the availability is scarce.
  • Admin can define an extra text that can be displayed alongside the resource booking calendar.
  • Users with a Microsoft/Azure account can easier login with similar SSO authentication as for Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.
  • VismaPay payment gateway available as integration


  • Added possibility to fetch template for booking and enrollment messages.
  • Added better image selection for categories.
  • Redesigned cloning courses for more flexibility and ease of use - particularly useful for regular training groups.